Saturday, April 2, 2011

Not Surprised

So yesterday I went to get my last check, and after waiting in line for 30 minutes, was told that the checks didn't come today, they were having issues with them, and they would possibly by there tomorrow. I was eager to see if they were going to fix my check for those 31 hours they owed me, on top of my last earnings.

So today i go in there, stand in line, the lady brings my check and asks for my work badge of course... one of my ex supervisors come out and says if i have any problems then i need to call some "Steve" guy. I have never met "Steve." I take a look at my check while he is standing there, and it is still short the 31 hours I complained about 2 weeks ago that should have been taken care of 4 weeks ago. He said that he knew that they had a problem a few weeks ago, and that i needed to call him to make sure I got it taken care of.... okay.... so the problem you told me you would take care of, didn't get taken care of, and just now you are telling me to call some guy named "Steve." And thus we can see another reason why I quit. Maybe we will have to take this a step farther if I call this guy and don't get a promising response.

So other than that, the only updates I got regarding my applications for employment is two denial emails from a company any average joe could get hired at. However, its the weekend, and hopefully next week will bring some interviews or more days on unemployment. I have faxed in some paperwork to the unemployment agency and I should hear from them soon, so I hope that one of the things I have applied to responds to me soon as my savings will not last forever. I guess its back to the drawing board, filling out more applications. I am starting to wonder why no one is calling me back if my resume looks so decent. Maybe one of my references is not giving me a good reference? Who knows.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Brighter Day

So today I received two calls regarding employment. The first one was from a temp agency I applied to that was hiring Data Entry Clerks and the second call was from a Credit Union. I missed the first call because I don't usually answer numbers I don't know if I am suspicion of them being a bill collector or telemarketer.

The second call resulted in what seemed to be a phone interview, asked me if I knew how to do the job etc. Yes I do because I do have some experience in the banking industry. She said I sounded like a good match and that she was going to email me a form of consent to do a background check and credit check, if that went well she would be giving me a call. Lets hope it goes well as that job sounded more promising. I know that I have a few small items on my credit, in total of maybe $600 in collections, but thats far less than many people I know. She also mentioned that they call past employers, seeing as how I left my last employer on not so great of a note, I hope that they either don't call or get someone who didn't even know my name.

I applied for a security position close to where I live. I figured it would be an easy job. I've never worked security before but serving as a visible crime deterrent for money sounds good to me. Either way that makes even more jobs in my application pool. I have also applied for unemployment. Not sure if I can receive unemployment for quitting a job, but I am unemployed and am actively seeking employment.

Yet another day goes by without a job...

- The Unemployed Kid

Unemployed :/

So as of Saturday March 19th I have no longer been employed. I quit my job after I discovered they shorted my paycheck by 31 hours. Yes folks, 31 hours, and at 20 bucks an hour thats over 650 dollars, minus taxes of course. When I brought the issue to their attention, they provided minimal response and didn't even appear to write anything down! "We'll get you paid." Well we will find out this Friday when I go pick up my last check.

That had been preceded by long days in which they tried to coerce me into lying about so their overtime charts would look good. The management had apparently been screwing people out of overtime by adding the extra hours into the next week and scheduling the employee for less hours that week. The things you overhear on your first days in a new job are amazing!

Not to mention, during these long days,  I ran out of gas in the company vehicle twice after requesting to fill up the tank. "Nahh you'll be fine," they don't really care apparently. Seeing as how most of the management is senior, i would expect them to know better with 20 year old vehicles. When you call them from the side of the road and they give you an attitude about YOU being stranded, it really kills your moral.

Absolute worst job I ever had in my life, hardly worth the pay. There no way I could force myself to work for such ignorant, shady, and disorganized management. The kicker is that I left a job that pays more than what I seem to be qualified for at this moment. I have put in over 20 applications in the last week, but have not heard anything promising.

- The Unemployed Kid