Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Brighter Day

So today I received two calls regarding employment. The first one was from a temp agency I applied to that was hiring Data Entry Clerks and the second call was from a Credit Union. I missed the first call because I don't usually answer numbers I don't know if I am suspicion of them being a bill collector or telemarketer.

The second call resulted in what seemed to be a phone interview, asked me if I knew how to do the job etc. Yes I do because I do have some experience in the banking industry. She said I sounded like a good match and that she was going to email me a form of consent to do a background check and credit check, if that went well she would be giving me a call. Lets hope it goes well as that job sounded more promising. I know that I have a few small items on my credit, in total of maybe $600 in collections, but thats far less than many people I know. She also mentioned that they call past employers, seeing as how I left my last employer on not so great of a note, I hope that they either don't call or get someone who didn't even know my name.

I applied for a security position close to where I live. I figured it would be an easy job. I've never worked security before but serving as a visible crime deterrent for money sounds good to me. Either way that makes even more jobs in my application pool. I have also applied for unemployment. Not sure if I can receive unemployment for quitting a job, but I am unemployed and am actively seeking employment.

Yet another day goes by without a job...

- The Unemployed Kid


  1. Good luck, I'm always supporting you!

  2. Hope you get the job!
    support from a fellow unemployed :)

  3. Wish you luck man hope you find something you love doing.

  4. Good luck man, I suppose you're going to have to change that name from unemployed kid huh?

  5. Good luck, I really hope you can get a job.

  6. it seems you have some good leads there. :)